lunes, abril 18, 2005

Muerte de los medios

Nueva sección para recopilar la abundante información sobre la decadencia de los medios tradicionales, en particular la prensa escrita. [Pendiente de emprolijar]
The New york Post, 15/04/2005

[ The head of The Wall Street Journal's empire, Peter ] Kann is hoping that the company's long-range growth also comes in online publishing, which has profit margins at least 20-fold higher than print.
The Wall Street Journal Online is signing up thousands of new subscribers, up 5.2 percent for the quarter, to a total of 731,000.
But some readers say they're just switching from buying the more expensive print editions of the Journal and Barron's to the lower-priced online versions.
One market watcher said, "Instead of paying about $356 a year for the print version of the Journal and Barron's, I'm gettng it online for $84 a year."
Some investors say the jury is still out on his $538 million gamble on buying free financial Web site MarketWatch last year.
But in the first quarter, MarketWatch helped drive up first-quarter electronic publishing revenue by 35.7 percent to $117.2 million in the quarter.

First Draft by Tim Porter
Ink-Stained Kvetches About Newspapering, Readership & Relevance
Tipping Point Roundup
The other day, when the latest circulation projections for U.S. newspapers were released, I speculated that the industry might be reaching a tipping point in its decline - a point of lost readership and revenue beyond which there is no recovery.

Merrill, Goldman Expect Dreary Spring Circ
Anyone expecting newspaper circulation trends might miraculously turn around this spring should start hoping for something else.

General Internet ad growth: A recently published report from Zenith Optimedia cited at MediaGuardian concludes that over time, the Web's share of world advertising revenue could "easily double" and that it will consistently show double-digit growth over the next three years. Next year's predicted Internet ad revenue growth was even reanalyzed, raising it to 6.5%. But newspaper advertising is still healthy according to Zenith's Adam Smith. "You have got to keep a sense of proportion - the internet is nowhere near the size of newspaper ad spend anywhere."

Marketers Shift Ad Spending To Online

A quick summary of what's happenin' in newspaper advertising

Internet advertising vs. Newspaper advertising (III)

The Economist notes that on average, only 2-4% of a company's budget is dedicated to online ads, but with 15% of media consumers surfing the Net, a percentage that is rapidly growing, companies are developing their online strategies.

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